WICO Congress 2022

World Innovation Congress 2022

28 - 29 March 2022
Barcelona, Spain


In the post-pandemic era, innovation and entrepreneurship have become even more important as key promoters of development. WICO Entrepreneurship and Innovation Tour will provide a thorough exposure to both the concept and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation. The program will be shaped and delivered by world-class professors from UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, Spain’s high-ranked universities, and successful entrepreneurs from Spain.

The program, aimed for entrepreneurs, startup founders, managers, and directors pursuing innovation and creativity, will consist of sessions, lectures and workshops to provide participants with the skills, culture, and networks they need to establish, operate, sustain, and scale new businesses. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive certificates from UC Berkeley as well as the Spanish University.

In this program, participants will learn how to define problems and determine which ones to solve, becoming familiar with formulating solutions that are “usefully different” from and superior to what exists on the market. The program will include visits to High-Tech enterprises to boost ideation and inspiration, such as Amazon and Nestle, as well as the “Advanced Factories 2022 Exhibition”, covering innovation and IT solutions in various industries while offering B2B opportunities and networks.


  • Day 1: Monday, March 28
    • Registration
    • WICO Congress session 1
    • Break
    • WICO Congress session 2
  • Day 2: Tuesday, March 29
    • Visiting Amazon and Nestle
    • Break
    • WICO Congress session 3


Participating in all training sessions, workshops, and fireside chats is mandatory.


Participants who successfully complete the program will receive certificates of completion.